First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune

Pilote jugé « un peu distrait » par ses supérieurs en 1961, Neil Armstrong sera, le 21 juillet 1969, le premier homme à marcher sur la lune. Durant huit ans, il subit un entraînement de plus en plus difficile, assumant courageusement tous les risques d’un voyage vers l’inconnu total. Meurtri par des épreuves personnelles qui laissent des traces indélébiles, Armstrong tente d’être un mari aimant auprès d’une femme qui l’avait épousé en espérant une vie normale.


  1. Anon 16.10.18

    Truly... A Dream come true~ (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  2. Anon 16.10.18

    My only disappointment is that this likely won't be apart of the main MCU

  3. Anon 16.10.18


  4. Anon 16.10.18

    GOOD!!!!!!! LIKE

  5. Anon 16.10.18

    Don’t do that Please don’t talk with your eyes just because you’re saying a line. I’ve seen better acting CG and motion capture in video game characters then from this clip. Tom I support you man. First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune needs a good host. SONY please Don’t Fwk this up!

  6. Anon 16.10.18

    Это хайп - This is hype.

  7. Anon 16.10.18

    Почему на русском нет

  8. Anon 16.10.18

    I hope Sony does for First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune what Fox did for Deadpool.\n\n\n\nGETTING THE FUCKING CHARACTER RIGHT FOR ONCE!!!

  9. Anon 16.10.18

    Well this doesn't look good.

  10. Anon 16.10.18

    Так себе

  11. Anon 16.10.18

    Блять! Что за пластиковая хуйня((((( надеюсь исправят (((((((((((((((((

  12. Anon 16.10.18

    I kinda find the Spider-Man 3 First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune more scary... The snares he made sends shivers down my body... I imagined this to set itself apart from the rest of the marvel movies and be more gory and horror based~ Oh well...

  13. Anon 16.10.18

    My only issue with this is that the Symbiote is not evil, the Symbiote takes over the characteristics of the Host. If Brock isn't made to seem like an asshole throughout the movie opening, then the pretense of the story is.. flawed.

  14. Anon 16.10.18

    Dont forget the R when googling Gary oldman

  15. Anon 16.10.18

    I hope this is rated R. For old times sake..

  16. Anon 16.10.18

    wait the second if the First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune just reach to the motorbike at that moment aint the hoodie suppose to be ripped off? or the First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune has already blend in with eddi's clothes? anyone ?

  17. Anon 16.10.18

    Absolutely mind blowing trailer.

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  19. Anon 16.10.18

    In Tom hardy we trust

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  21. Anon 16.10.18

    Anyone here before trending ?!???ߘ

  22. Anon 16.10.18

    Im not sure how you make a First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune movie without even \"hinting\" to Spider-Man. The whole reason behind First Man - le premier homme sur la Lunes specific Symbiot being evil and crazy, it because the keeps abilities/personality from their previous hosts. Before it came to spider man, it possessed a \"killer alien race\", after possessing spider man, it became obsessed with him, as well as retaining majority of Spiderman's powers. Hence why Eddie and the symbiot get a long so well, because their both obsessed with SPIDERMAN!

  23. Anon 16.10.18

    I like old First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune

  24. Anon 16.10.18

    2:16 that looks really sick or how people say it these days that looks lit.

  25. Anon 16.10.18

    Katayi zehar

  26. Anon 16.10.18

    Now THAT'S a much better, smarter, and clearer trailer. #TheHypeIsReal

  27. Anon 16.10.18

    Sony fucked up Amazing Spider-man in my opinion so i have no high hopes for this one. Still gonna watch it tho

  28. Anon 16.10.18

    Nice trailer Nice First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune

  29. Anon 16.10.18

    thank GOD they got First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune's speech pattern down in this one

  30. Anon 16.10.18

    This is what makes Marvel good. Not the mainstream. Just stuff that is bloody awesome

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