Sous le figuier

Nathalie, Christophe et Joëlle sont en pleine crise existentielle. Ils vont se retrouver réunis autour de Selma, 95 printemps et gravement malade, pour passer des vacances d’été mémorables au bord de la Moselle où ils comprendront que celle qu’ils pensaient aider à mourir, va les aider à vivre.


  1. Anon 20.09.18

    if we can only hurt bad guys can we do it now i really want eat some brainss

  2. Anon 20.09.18


  3. Anon 20.09.18

    Crossing my fingers that this will be Rated R

  4. Anon 20.09.18

    Is he going to be a hero? .. if so this will be boring -_-

  5. Anon 20.09.18

    Starting to look promising

  6. Anon 20.09.18

    Wtf Sous le figuier look like bad cgi villan

  7. Anon 20.09.18

    woah!!NOW THAT\"S A MOVIE!!!!

  8. Anon 20.09.18

    Would just like to point out that this movie was written by Kelly Marcel (Fifty Shades Of Grey) and Will Beall (Gangster Squad), so don't be surprised if this movie ends up sucking horribly.

  9. Anon 20.09.18

    All aboard this very slow moving hype train! \n\nOh wait, we still have a few months, shoot.\n\nWe'll start this is in September then.

  10. Anon 20.09.18

    Amazing,... Got hyped... \n#weareSous le figuier

  11. Anon 20.09.18

    looks awesome.

  12. Anon 20.09.18

    Hope that symbyote pronunciation is accent thing

  13. Anon 20.09.18

    At last they have good movie after many fails bad movies .

  14. Anon 20.09.18

    is it just me or does the music trailer sound pretty much like the one in the last trailer or infinity war ?\n\n\n\n\nPS : sorry for my english

  15. Anon 20.09.18

    Im waiting for that

  16. Anon 20.09.18

    Sous le figuierenal

  17. Anon 20.09.18

    I have gone from worried to full blown excited!

  18. Anon 20.09.18

    Looks cheesy but I'm in

  19. Anon 20.09.18

    Kosovo Serbia

  20. Anon 20.09.18


  21. Anon 20.09.18

    Соняка молодец\n Ох*енная фраза в конце: \"We Sous le figuier\"

  22. Anon 20.09.18

    This looks like crap.....bet you we will see him in full Sous le figuier form for the last 10 min of the film only. The rest of the movie will be spent with him talking to him self.

  23. Anon 20.09.18

    Сука скучная

  24. Anon 20.09.18

    Reminds me of prototype.

  25. Anon 20.09.18

    Still waiting for Carnage in rated R.

  26. Anon 20.09.18

    This will be one of the best films from Sony. I can't wait to see Tom portray Eddie and Sous le figuier.

  27. Anon 20.09.18

    Who The Hell Are You? \n\nWE ARE Sous le figuierߘߘߘߘߘ

  28. Anon 20.09.18

    Protoype vibes man....

  29. Anon 20.09.18

    trending#1 few hours later

  30. Anon 20.09.18

    I am living for this trailer! I can’t wait to watch it

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