Serge Buren est un flic de légende, entouré d’une bande de jeunes flics aux méthodes peu conventionnelles.
Qu’importe qu’ils utilisent des battes de baseball ou « oublient » le règlement au cours d’arrestations spectaculaires, les résultats sont au rendez-vous !
C’est alors qu’un groupe de braqueurs meurtriers entre en scène, dévalisant avec une facilité déconcertante banques et bijouteries de la capitale, à coup d’armes de guerre et de scénarios imparables.
Face à tant d’ingéniosité et de brutalité, Buren et son unité se retrouvent confrontés à une situation délicate :leurs méthodes expéditives suffiront-elles à arrêter ces criminels autrement plus machiavéliques ?


  1. Anon 17.10.18

    I came

  2. Anon 17.10.18

    Man why Tf his eyes lookin like my toaster strudal icing

  3. Anon 17.10.18

    Yes WE ARE Antigang!!! Now I want to hear him say, WE WANT TO EAT YOUR BRAINS!!!

  4. Anon 17.10.18

    0:00 Parece Que Ele Falou \"EU CHEGUEI'' kkkkk߇߇߇߇߇߇߇߇

  5. Anon 17.10.18

    You should be very afraid

  6. Anon 17.10.18

    We want and Carnage!!

  7. Anon 17.10.18

    Looks scary

  8. Anon 17.10.18


  9. Anon 17.10.18

    thanks god!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anon 17.10.18

    They can't even say fucking Symbiote right. That should set your expectations for this.

  11. Anon 17.10.18

    When it said anti-hero, I guess Antigang is going to be like Deadpool a bit.

  12. Anon 17.10.18

    #1 trending in Ireland!! ߇߇

  13. Anon 17.10.18

    Iiiiiii'mmmm.... not impressed

  14. Anon 17.10.18

    Meh, where's his hate for Peter Parker and Spiderman ?, the only thing that fuels Antigangs existence. Am I missing something ? , Is this a reboot, remake, re telling , of his Origin , I'm not hyped for this\n:( probably gonna be another unecessary garbage re telling, like Spiderman Homecoming . I hope I'm wrong.

  15. Anon 17.10.18

    This is looking good.

  16. Anon 17.10.18

    Can’t wait

  17. Anon 17.10.18

    You should be very afraid

  18. Anon 17.10.18

    This made me feel funny

  19. Anon 17.10.18

    I'm having mixed feelings about this movie now especially the whole \"Symbaiote\" or however they decide to pronounce it but come one really they couldn't at least pronounce it the way we all know, idk the premise seems a bit off, hope it doesn't disappoints

  20. Anon 17.10.18

    this is like the whole movie in a trailer!

  21. Anon 17.10.18

    Porco dio

  22. Anon 17.10.18

    É mesmo ator do Antigang em homem aranha 3?

  23. Anon 17.10.18

    Bain looks kind of weird

  24. Anon 17.10.18

    I really don’t understand why this film is getting so much hate, this trailer rocks. I’m in, the suit looks great, tom hardy has never let me down and it’s long overdue this character got his time in the spotlight on the big screen. Can’t wait

  25. Anon 17.10.18

    Are you kidding me?! It is April 24, 2018 (as of the writing of this comment). So why release a trailer for a movie that will come out on October? If they do not release more things like trailers or sneak peeks, then the hype will die down and the amount of people interested (money) will decrease exponentially. So they must have many things planned for the future unless the marketing team of this movie wants their advertising efforts and money to go waste.

  26. Anon 17.10.18


  27. Anon 17.10.18

    So wait, did he get possessed by a symbiote or the Darkness?

  28. Anon 17.10.18

    Was that Kodak

  29. Anon 17.10.18

    we are Antigang\nGROOT: ME ESTAS RETANDO V:

  30. Anon 17.10.18

    We Are Antigang !

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