How To Increase Marketing Productivity with Wake Up Productive

Increase Marketing Productivity Using Email

Have you ever seen an early adopter get sucked into their new entertainment system? In other words, all it does is sap their time and energy? They are knee deep in it during the party for which they bought the system? It’s like people who are addicted to social media and smart phones.

Somewhere along the lines, this great tool of technological freedom has become an albatross or a cyborg boss that eats energy and productivity. The same could be said for marketing tools, right?

For one, these days email marketing is ripe for the picking. Done right, an email software program manages lists, databases, helps with formatting and email previews. It even sends out replies so customers know you are human.

Done wrong, a bad or ill-used software system might set you back to 1999. Yikes. Your clients are relying on you to get that weekly newsletter out to their customers in time for big events, sales, and newsworthy announcements. They actually look forward to it.

Life Without Technology

But, if you are bogging down an intern who works 2-3 hours a week on the upside, then you are setting yourself up to fail. Or, worse, if you are splitting your time running a business with even one manually prepared mass marketing email then you are setting yourself up for disaster. That business you are working so hard to build may start crumbling down on you. Instead, work smarter, not harder, to be productive.

There are plenty of bulk email programs that will provide the tools to harness the power of your very own email list or a purchased database. The key is that it makes sense to enable a solid interface on your website to collect emails in the first place.

Sure, it sounds like common sense now. You are nodding your head. Are you doing it that way, though? Hopefully, the answer is yes. The reason is that you have to keep the list updated. It means that as people unsubscribe or add additional subscriptions to your other newsletters you are keeping pace.

Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Tools Increase Productivity

All of the tools in the world cannot do it alone. You need to invest in the right tools for the marketing job. You’ll know it when you read this review of Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan. They have to be reliable, keep up with your marketing needs, and work properly.

Effective tools are easy-to-use. They do not require any special training and operate right from the start. There is no tinkering, and there should be no tinkering, especially when you have deadlines to meet and a business to run.

There is too much else to be done to be setting yourself on a trek into the weeds. Get re-centered, and stick with tools that do not tempt even the biggest gadget nerds. Period.

To review, using today’s technology and software is a great way to increase marketing productivity. Invest in plug and play tools that will work right from the start. Otherwise, you will demolish your own business with busyness.