A Star Is Born

Star de country un peu oubliée, Jackson Maine découvre Ally, une jeune chanteuse très prometteuse. Tandis qu'ils tombent follement amoureux l'un de l'autre, Jack propulse Ally sur le devant de la scène et fait d'elle une artiste adulée par le public. Bientôt éclipsé par le succès de la jeune femme, il vit de plus en plus de mal son propre déclin…

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  1. Anon 17.10.18

    ߒߒߒߒߒߒߒߒߒߒߒ❤ߒ for Tom

  2. Anon 17.10.18

    I am going to watch this movie when ever it was realised

  3. Anon 17.10.18

    I hope they make A Star Is Born a playable character in the Spider-Man PS4 video game. They could include him and some side missions as a DLC. That would be sweet!

  4. Anon 17.10.18

    Можно хотя бы субтитры на трейлер?

  5. Anon 17.10.18


  6. Anon 17.10.18

    Isn’t symbiote pronounced differently?

  7. Anon 17.10.18

    looks good.

  8. Anon 17.10.18

    The Trailer looks A Star Is BornENAL

  9. Anon 17.10.18

    W E A R E V E N O M

  10. Anon 17.10.18


  11. Anon 17.10.18

    So A Star Is Born will be main character, right? He's one of my favourite Marvel characters:D

  12. Anon 17.10.18

    Yeah! Batman is back!!!

  13. Anon 17.10.18

    2:08 when you open danish cookies box but ended up seeing sewing kit

  14. Anon 17.10.18

    Its like a PROTOTYPE PCGame

  15. Anon 17.10.18

    Where is the Spiderman?

  16. Anon 17.10.18

    quiero a A Star Is Born en el UCM please

  17. Anon 17.10.18

    WE ARE A Star Is Born!

  18. Anon 17.10.18

    Why does EVERY Marvel superhero movie need a lover to the main character (A Star Is Born)

  19. Anon 17.10.18

    Quem é brasileiro da o like presente ai <3

  20. Anon 17.10.18

    I can watch Tom Hardy watch wall paint dry for 72 hours. And still enjoy it

  21. Anon 17.10.18

    This A Star Is Born hasnt bond with spider man yet?

  22. Anon 17.10.18


  23. Anon 17.10.18

    who will win thanos vs A Star Is Born???

  24. Anon 17.10.18

    Top dms!!!Alguém é BR aqui nessa porra?!

  25. Anon 17.10.18

    Mooooooom! Mooooooooom!

  26. Anon 17.10.18

    I like how people are saying the eye size on A Star Is Born doesn’t matter. To people who read the comics and are fans of A Star Is Born... it matters.

  27. Anon 17.10.18

    I wonder if carnage is going to get his solo movie that would b cool.

  28. Anon 17.10.18

    Why isn't the new spider man actor in it?

  29. Anon 17.10.18

    Ох, нихуя себе!!!!!

  30. Anon 17.10.18

    Tom Hardy is better than all American actors today!!!!!

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