1988. Les temps sont durs pour Roy, petit gangster de la Nouvelle-Orléans. La maladie le ronge. Son boss lui tend un guet-apens auquel il échappe de justesse. Une seule issue : la fuite, en compagnie de Rocky, une jeune prostituée. Deux êtres que la vie n’a pas épargnés. En cavale vers la ville de Galveston, ils n’ont plus rien à perdre… 

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  1. Anon 17.10.18

    Soy yo, o casi tiene de fondo la música del trailer de Infinity War?

  2. Anon 17.10.18

    Wer ist auch aus Deutschland ?ߒߑ

  3. Anon 17.10.18

    Злой человек паук?

  4. Anon 17.10.18

    Call the Fringe squad!

  5. Anon 17.10.18

    I wonder if there is an extra terrestrial being out there somewhere that looks like that.

  6. Anon 17.10.18

    ah não. ߘ

  7. Anon 17.10.18

    Oooooh dang ߘ

  8. Anon 17.10.18

    Disney wants to buy Sony after this trailer xd

  9. Anon 17.10.18

    Whoever is doing the voice acting for Galveston is SPOT ON!

  10. Anon 17.10.18

    #3 on India what a successߑߘ

  11. Anon 17.10.18

    How can I have a Galveston origin story without spiderman

  12. Anon 17.10.18

    When will Galveston join avengers?

  13. Anon 17.10.18

    This is what we’ve been wating for

  14. Anon 17.10.18

    Prototype Movie from the looks of it

  15. Anon 17.10.18

    Looks cheap, honestly

  16. Anon 17.10.18

    #1 In France ߑ\nEn tout cas mis à part le fait qu'ils auraient pu prendre une autre musique de fond, c'est vraiment bon ptn !

  17. Anon 17.10.18


  18. Anon 17.10.18

    Ya, no. I'll stay home for this one.

  19. Anon 17.10.18

    Trailer is a little bit wonky, really hope this movie turns out to be good.

  20. Anon 17.10.18

    Thanks Sony very nice trailer I hope movie is awesome

  21. Anon 17.10.18

    2:18\nİ am Batman\nİ am Spider-man\nWE ARE Galveston !!!

  22. Anon 17.10.18

    They finally got him right.

  23. Anon 17.10.18

    I wish Sony would just stop trying. Let Disney have all their characters back. I think my favorite part of this trailer was the \"In Association with Marvel\" card, last one they just had the Marvel title card but it looks like between the first trailer and this one Kevin Feige told Amy Pascal \"yeah, not feeling it, can we separate our brands a bit?\" It just amuses me when Sony and Fox try...

  24. Anon 17.10.18


  25. Anon 17.10.18


  26. Anon 17.10.18

    I really wonder how this movie will play out. Like whither Galveston will be used for hood or for bad. Also that he has screentime. Out of all movies I've seen so far he looks by far the best. Hopefully this lives up to the hype

  27. Anon 17.10.18

    WE ARE THE FLASH... oh wait, wrong franchise.

  28. Anon 17.10.18

    1# in Germany now

  29. Anon 17.10.18

    2:24 ߘߘߘߘߘߘ

  30. Anon 17.10.18

    개 멋져

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