Upcoming guest on #NPTalk? How To Make Your Experience Rock

So, you’ve been asked to be a guest on SocialNicole’s #NPTalk. Congratulations!

Twitter chats are a great way to interact with people from all over the world- people who will be able to tune in and hear your ideas.

However, the task of being a guest on a Twitter conversation of this scale can seem daunting to the first-timer. After all, anyone from the Twitter “world” can jump right in with the proper hashtag. Seems quite chaotic, huh? And how do you manage going in the right direction for the conversation with so many people tuned in? Fortunately, at SocialNicole we have a few tips to help you prepare for your first time.

#1. Use chat software such as Tweetchat to make participating easier. Tweetchat allows you to simply login with your Twitter account information, enter the hashtag #nptalk and immediately see what everyone using that hashtag is saying. What’s spectacular about this software is that any tweets you enter will be automatically tagged with the hashtag. Allowing you more time to focus on the chat.

#2. A few days before, SocialNicole will ask you to come up with a few questions that you feel would be beneficial for you to answer with your expertise during the chat. Once we receive these questions, questions will be created from your questions. You will have the opportunity to review them, set up answers for them, add links, etc. before the chat. Thus allowing you to create for yourself a guide for the chat.

#3. On the day of the chat, SocialNicole will start the chat and do introductions, etc. This takes about 10 minutes. After this, the chat gets underway. SocialNicole will ask you questions with the format Q1, Q2, etc, and you will answer A1, A2, etc. For instance:

SocialNicole: Q1 What is your name? #nptalk

You: A1 My name is Bob Smith #nptalk

#4. Do not to push your product or service, but come prepared with links that are helpful in explaining your business. Other outside sources are great as well! Remember, this is just a general Q&A.

#5. People from other representing companies may chime in, which is fine, and you should expect this to happen. However, SocialNicole will keep coming back to you. Feel free to comment and give these people kudos, etc. If anyone gets too obnoxious, we will take care of them.

#6. The last 10 minutes SocialNicole uses to open up the floor for the audience to ask questions, etc. However, note that they usually ask questions as the chat goes along and may take things in a new direction. This is perhaps where hosts begin to feel a little flustered. Never fear! If you can’t keep up with the questions, SocialNicole will re-ask them or ReTweet them and CC you.

#7. Most importantly: Just relax and enjoy the attention you, your product and your ideas are receiving. The chat is pretty free-flowing and will go very fast, but SocialNicole is there to help you out!


#8. Keep your ears & eyes open: We’ll ask you to write up a brief summary of what happened in the chat by the next day for us to post on our website.

For general information on how to participate in a Twitter chat please see: http://socialnicole.com/twitter-chat-participate/

A video is also available at:



For transcripts to study from previous #Nptalk chats, see: